Writing Process

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  • When you hire me to work on your project, I will first ask you to fill up the questionnaire. This will provide me with the necessary information that I need to deliver the copy/content that meets your objectives.
  • Next, I would require you to go through my Terms and Conditions . After you go through them and agree to it, I will draw up a contract with a timeline for the project and send it over to you for review. This contract has to be signed, scanned and be sent back to me.
  • I will send you more detailed questionnaires for you to fill it. This is to make sure I get the right information from you and make sure that I get all the info I need to write the copy for you. We can set up a time and date (time-zone permitting if you are an overseas client) to talk more about it.
  • Then, I want you share your existing testimonials, reviews, brand guidelines, style guides and/or pre-existing web copy and content, social media profiles.
  • I will do my own research and/or you can share your own research to understand your customers’ motivations, their pain points and buying and engagement behaviours, and the type of language they use and relate to.
  • I will set up a Google Drive folder just for me; you and/or your team so that you can track my progress, add any research, relevant documents etc.
  • Once the initial draft has been done, I will share it with you and/or your team so that you can suggest any feedback and changes.
  • Once the copy has been reviewed and approved by you, I will organize it in such a way that it will be easy for your designer to apply the same into their design. If you don’t have a designer yet, I’d be happy to recommend one  who’d work with you and provide you with wireframes after which you both can take it further.
Terms & Conditions
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