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My name is Parvathi. Copywriter/Content Writer. Crossword Puzzle, Anagram, Word Search solver and Scrabble lover.

I write business worthy, read worthy web copy and content. From writing website copy to writing blogs and everything in between (almost), I have close to a decade of experience in copywriting and content writing.

I’ve been writing copy and content since 2010. I started small and humble. I worked on platforms like Elance, Odesk, and Freelancer etc. But I decided to leave them for good as they were crowded with wannabe writers, low balling and cheap quality. That’s when I started my own online copywriting and content writing business ContentHues. In my copywriting and content writing journey so far, I’ve worked with companies large and small on everything from blurbs to complete website content and award entry write-ups.

As a copywriter and a content writer, I have seen many clients struggle to get their businesses going. And that is perhaps where you are. You have a great business idea; you have a plan, a vision, and a mission and you have all the resources necessary to start your business except a  professional, experienced copywriter and/or a content writer to give your business a shape; a strong presence in the web space.

You need a copywriter and/or a content writer who takes the time to talk to you, about your business, what inspired you to start the business, who challenges you and inspires you to take that bold step of reaching out to your customers and clients, who works as hard as you to fulfil your goal, who advises you what needs to be written, why it needs to be written, how it needs to be written etc.

With a heavy competition in your industry, where everyone screams “We are the best”, you can be a step ahead of them. I can help you make a difference. I can help you take the lead.


Because you deserve better.

Because your business deserves better.

Look, your business and your brand speak and have a unique personality. It has its own tone and style. What good it is if you can’t bring it out? What good it is if your customers and clients can’t see it and connect to it?

As a copywriter and a content writer who writes for B2B companies, B2C companies, B2G companies, Startups, ad agencies, marcomm agencies and companies, SEO agencies and companies, web designing agencies, small and large scale industries, NGOs and NFPs… I bring your brand personality front and centre.

Unlike other writers who do not have a sense of purpose, fill up and fluff up your web pages with mumbo jumbo and nonsensical content, I will write content and copy that stops your clients and customers dead in their tracks and make them say, “I have to do business with them”! And your readers be like, “This is a gem of an information”!

I will write content and copy that is unignorable, persuasive, well structured, grammatically correct copy and content that keeps your visitors on your website longer, converts your visitors into customers and clients and prompts them to buy your services and products.

Hey! I am an English<>Hindi<>Telugu translator too. To know more about my translation services, go to my translation website HindiTeluguTranslations.

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