What is the Best and Perfect Time to Share on Your Social Media? [The Ultimate Truth]

                                                                  What is the Best and Perfect Time to Share on Your Social Media

Says who? Haven’t you heard of different time zones?”

It was the forthright comment of a fellow freelance translator who opened my eyes about social media sharing.

I had shared a blog that was written along the lines of “The Best Time to Share on Social Media” or something like that.

I can’t remember who wrote it…

Anyway, I am glad that he made me see sense and compelled me to think twice about it.

Needless to say, I deleted that shared post.

You see, I was dying to promote my Hindi Telugu Translation Services, Content writing Services and Copywriting Services.

I was just like any other freelancer; the typical freelancer.

I had the joined the bandwagon of freelancers who would furiously share anything and everything available on Google just to be active on social media but most importantly; to be noticed by my potential clients.

Back then, I thought this was the only way to be noticed.

It’s a different story now…

Alright. Back to my main point.

What is the Best and Perfect Time to Share on Your Social Media?

Or, is there any?

If you ask me, I’d say there is none.

If you go to Google there are literally hundreds and thousands of articles, videos, PowerPoint slides, infographics which tell us how and when to share on social media, what is the best time to post on social media for maximum reach, reaction, engagement etc etc etc.

I could go on and on and on but I don’t really have the time to drag it more than what is necessary.

Social media marketing is indeed a boon for freelance Hindi Telugu Translators and content writers in India like me.

By sharing social media posts, I can reach out to my potential clients and vice versa. That’s a given.

Moreover, it will improve my search engine rankings, get my clients; local, national and international, to visit my translation and copywriting website, increase traffic and business and give me higher conversion rates.

Credible sources like Hubspot, CoSchedule, KissMetrics etc. have laid out easy to follow strategies and plans for social media sharing to simplify the process for us.

I am not saying they are wrong.

They are right.

They are absolutely right!

In every possible way!

I mean they have studied, researched and then come up with these foolproof strategies and plans. Right?


These strategies and plans for sharing social media posts have been designed to suit the clients and customers only to a specific country.

All these won’t matter if you live in another country or if you intend to target clients and customers in another country.

It won’t even matter whether you post it 3 times in a day or 5 times in a day (as suggested by social media gurus).

All your social media posts and shares won’t be effective thanks to different time zones.

For example India and U.S have a time difference of approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes (give or take). And I am not even talking about Eastern, Central, and Pacific Time etc. or whatever.

I’ve never seen (yet to see) an article or a blog written by Hubspot, CoSchedule, KissMetrics or any blogger for that matter that elaborates or talks about the perfect time for social media sharing based on target audiences that span different time zones.

So, it brings us back to the question.

What are the best times to post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and even Google+?

I am sorry I don’t have the answers to that question. I am sorry I can’t guarantee whether the X times of social media sharing will deliver the desired results for you.

However, I can suggest that you may want to try social media tools and apps like HootSuite, Buffer, Moz app, SproutSocial, Tweetdeck, etc.

Through these social media tools and apps, you can manage and schedule your posts and shares at any given time and day.

You can target and schedule your posts and shares so that your shares will be visible to your clients and customers at a time and day when they are active.


You can promote and sponsor your posts and shares with your clients, customers and your target audience. With a droolworthy CTA button you can drive your customers, clients and audience to get them to notice you and then direct them to your website.

What say you?

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