Whatsapp For Business? Not Such A Good Idea.


Whatsapp For Business


Last week I fired a client. Yep! You heard that right! I fired a client. To be frank, she was one of my biggest clients.

It wasn’t because the website content writing project was difficult.

It wasn’t because we didn’t agree on the price.

It wasn’t because the terms were unacceptable.

It was because she wanted to communicate and do business only through Whatsapp.

Oh…She was hell bent!

Now, WhatsApp, is beyond doubt the most popular mode of communication India with approx 200 million monthly active users.


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And many businesses have adopted it as part of their communications solutions.

And I understand and acknowledge the ease of use of Whatsapp. It lets you upload and download files e.g. Docx and PDF files. Not to mention GIFs, screenshots etc.

It’s instant communication or rather communication ‘on-the-go’. It’s one of those social media tools that make your life indeed easier!




It allows you and your clients to be less formal.

But it doesn’t work if you use Whatsapp for your business especially if you provide content writing, copywriting and translation services.

It has its own downsides.

It has its own drawbacks.

It has its own disadvantages.

Here are MY reasons why using Whatsapp for business is a very bad idea.

Personal Use

I believe in keeping my professional life and my personal separate. I never mix them. I don’t know about other businesses but I, for one, use it only for my personal use. For me, it is purely one of the means of communicating with my friends and family.

SMS Language

Nothing irritates and annoys more than clients using SMS language like ‘u for you’, ‘r for are’, ‘y for why, ‘d for the’, etc. And there are more complicated words or should I say letters that are beyond my understanding and g rasp. I actually have to look up in the web what the client means which is time consuming. And if I deliver the content full of SMS language, do you think the client will like it? No! So, it is not right on the part of the client to use and share using SMS language.

Documents Sharing

The ease of sharing files and documents on Whatsapp doesn’t help. Content writers and translators like me always create and edit documents on our systems not on Whatsapp. And to do that, I have to share it on my mail as a draft after which I have to go to my system again and download it.

Productivity Suffers

The constant alerts, the constant pinging and the constant need to reply take my attention away. The distraction is so much that it affects my productivity. To be frank, it can be a nuisance if it is not put on mute.

Frequent Upgrades

Whatsapp frequently upgrades its features; which is great, but it is also frustrating and disturbing. Because there is always a risk of you losing your chats and shared files when making these updates especially if you select not to have a back-up option while installing WhatsApp.

Frauds and Scams

unpaid work, refusing to acknowledge of receiving the documents, not delivering the agreed work, payment scams etc. are some of the frauds and scams that I heard have happened.

Now…do you get me?

The list of drawbacks and disadvantages of working on Whatsapp are endless.

And I am not going to talk about geeky and techy stuff like data encryption etc.

And as for that client whom I mentioned above she couldn’t comprehend why I refused to work through Whatsapp even after I explained my reasons.

Yes, I needed the work and she too wanted to work with me.

But, I am a professional and that’s what true up professionals do.

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