Buying Fake Facebook Twitter Likes and Followers is Really Not Worth It. You are Deliberately Destroying Your Brand.

Buying Fake Facebook Twitter Likes and Followers is Really Not Worth It. You are Deliberately Destroying Your Brand.



Out of curiosity I wanted to know about people who sell 1000 likes, subscribers, followers on the 3 major social media platforms for just Rs xx or so. What is the source of their service? How and from where do they provide likes, subscribers and followers? Are they genuine? Will they really help my business?”

This was asked by a fellow member on an FB group.

This was my brief reply: “I wouldn’t go there. What’s the point in having fake likes and followers? You need real and genuine followers who comment, share, interact with you and get you doing business. Once you get fake followers, your business is doomed. If you get fake followers it means you don’t trust your own business, your business acumen and success The honest way is always the hard way but in the end it will prove to be soul satisfying and successful.”

When I first launched my own online Hindi and Telugu translation and copywriting business, I would often wonder how some businesses that belonged to the same industry as mine had so many likes and followers. It was then I stumbled upon this not so good but booming business of buying likes and followers.

It’s not an uncommon sight these days for people to offer and buy likes, followers and subscribers. It’s there alright. You see these ads and offers on every social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. and on every content mill like Freelancer, Upwork etc. And these social media likes and followers are offered and bought at dead cheap prices. An easy way to become popular, isn’t it?

But little do you know that this can damage and destroy your business in the long run. Let me deconstruct my above mentioned reply and explain you the reasons on how and why buying likes and followers for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts is not such a good idea.

But first let me ask you something. After you bought the fake likes and followers, how many of your users actually liked your Facebook post, how many commented on your posts, how many of them gave an emoticon expression, how many of them tagged their friends, how many users shared your post? NONE.

Now let’s take Twitter. After the buying fake likes and followers, have you seen anyone favouriting your tweet, have you seen them retweeting your tweet, have you seen anyone replying to your tweet, have they tagged or hashtagged anything or anyone, have you seen anyone adding any Twitter handle? NOPE.

Now, let me tell you why it isn’t such a good idea

Low to Zero Engagement

Your Facebook business page visibility runs on consistent engagement. That’s a given. The more you post, the more visibility you will have.

And Facebook has its own fancy algorithm which keeps track of the engagement your page produces, deduces how interesting your contents are and how many people actually interacted with you.

In buying fake likes and followers, you will end up having users who neither interact with you nor engage with you. These kinds of inactive, non-engaged profiles do not escape Facebook’s eyes. Once it finds out that there is low to zero engagement, your posts and updates will reach less and less of people.

Same goes for Twitter. I often find random people, total strangers, people who do not belong to or come from my translation and copywriting industry, following me on twitter. And when I go to their profile to double check, it’s just a blank profile with weird images or an egg avatar.

And the consequence of buying fake followers on Twitter is having your account suspended, deleted or banned by Twitter. And the worst of all, you are exposing your legitimate followers and clients to real, and significant, risks.

It’s obvious they are the dirty social marketing strategy of a dirty marketing company which is out to fool its clients.

Losing your brand’s credibility, integrity and reputation

Think you are smart? Think again. Well, sorry to burst your bubble. People are smarter than you. Period.

Let’s assume that you have more than 2000 followers, but your post has 0 likes. Don’t you think this certainly will raise doubts and they will question your genuinity; the genuinity of your likes and followers.

People may not initially know that you’ve bought fake followers, but it is sure to make their antenna go up if they see that one day you have 20 followers or likes and the next you have 20,000. It is bound to make them suspicious.

When your real followers see you buying followers, you are reducing the value of your brand integrity, messing your efforts in creating an authentic online presence in the future. Once your real followers find out that you bought fake followers your brand’s credibility, integrity and reputation is damaged.

You will be caught

Dirty marketing tricks and strategies never last long. Sooner or later you will get caught. And these days, it is very easy to find out whose accounts have fake likes and fake followers.

There are many handy online tools to find out the names of people who have bought fake accounts. Among these tools Fake Followers Check, Twitter Audit, Social Bakers are the most used and popular tools that make this job easier. Through these tools you can analyse your followers to see how many are fake.

Your business will undoubtedly look untrustworthy and devious, if you have bought huge numbers of fake followers and likes for your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.

Now ask yourself. Is it really worth buying fake likes and followers? Are you ready to jeopardize your reputation, the reputation and the legitimacy of your business, are you ready to jeopardize your brand and brand integrity?



Smart decision!

So, what should you do make people come and visit your social media accounts? What should you do to drive traffic to your website? What should you do to generate leads and sales?

The answer is very simple. You already know it.

Blog. Create updates on your social media accounts. Engage your audience. Do once in a while shameless self promotions. Trust me it doesn’t hurt. Initiate and urge them to respond, reply, and comment.

Work hard. Work harder. Success WILL come to you.



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